CHDF is a Toronto based organization working as an international development and relief program. It has been realized that while short-term assistance is necessary, there is a need to attack the root causes of poverty and under-development in most of the developing countries. There is a continuing need to develop new models of development and assist the suffering humanity in innovative manners.

CHDF is a compact, focused and responsive organisation committed to putting ideas into action by developing new models of development and the human factor involved therein. Through workshops, seminars and programme funding, CHDF enables partner NGOs in developing countries to discover creative approaches to poverty alleviation, basic education and provision of basic health services.


Community meeting in progress.With needs being enormous and limited resources NGOs in the poor countries must strengthen their institutional capacity and increase participation by the communities. Managers need tools for catalyzing participation and building the teamwork necessary for sustainable development.

NGOs in developing countries also need to forge links with kindred organizations nationally/regionally so that an environment of cooperation and openness minimizes chances of rivalry. Further networking enables organizations to identify and exchange resources and to analyze their experiences in light of lessons learnt by others across the globe. Strong NGO coalitions dedicated to sound community-rooted development management and communications will eventually impact at the policy level.

This organisation is formed for rural and urban relief and development purposes in the development countries. The main objective of CHDF is to consolidate and replicate a unique, multi-institutional level, integrated rural development model for good local governance and poverty alleviation..


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